Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random Update

I've got a few random updates before I get to Book 17 in the next posting. First, according to the calendar, if I am truly supposed to be reading a book per week to meet my goal, I should be starting book 12 this afternoon. Instead, I'm blogging Book 17! I'm glad to be a bit ahead of the game, as I'm quite certain that there will be times when it takes me longer than planned to get through a book.
I get two questions about this project from people. The first is, do I have an idea of what each of the 52 books will be? No, I don't. The only one that is pre-defined is Number 52. It will be my all-time favorite book, and is due for a re-read. The second question I get is if I am buying each of the books that I am reading. The answer is that it depends. So far, the books I've read are ones I've picked up this year through either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. But I also have a stack of books in the house I've previously purchased and that I want to get through.
I've not decided what Book 18 is going to be, but I have started a new Audiobook by Maureen Johnson that I hope to be blogging soon as well.
Now, I'm off to blog the next book.

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