Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book 14: Firefly Lane

I saw a reference to author Kristin Hannah somewhere on Facebook. Maybe Emily Giffin's page? I can't really remember. But then I was browsing at Barnes and Noble and came across Firefly Lane, noticed the author's name, and decided to pick it up. I read the back cover. It sounded interesting if not a bit predictable, but I bought it anyway.
I like it when a book surprises me. With Firefly Lane, I thought I knew what conflict would tear apart best friends of thirty years, and I was wrong. I was also surprised with what became the catalyst for reconciliation. I definitely didn't expect to be tearing up at the end. But there I was, reading this well-written novel about two best friends, Kate and Tully, from the time they were high school students in the 1970's through present day. Kristin Hannah draws her characters well. As the reader, you understand both Kate and Tully's insecurities. You feel for Kate, always hiding a bit in Tully's shadow. I cheered Kate on as she found the courage to go after the most important thing in her life. I respected Tully for believing she deserved success, and for working to get there. I felt for Tully realizing that her career can't give her everything... and I'd say more about that, but then I'd be giving away too much of the story.
For the last third of the book, I thought mostly about my own best friend. We've been friends now for more than twenty years. I don't feel old enough to make that statement, but here we are. From the first time we carpooled to some Key Club event in high school, through college, to her mother dying, and then my father; to her wedding, to the birth of her children; to the girls trips we still manage to take; to all the emails and phone calls, Facebook posts, text messages, cards, all the stuff that goes into making a lasting friendship, I've been lucky enough to have Vanessa as my best friend. We've lived in different states for most of our friendship now, but all that does is make things more interesting logistically. She's still the person I want most to share gossip with, or talk to about the really important things. She's the first person, outside of family, who I know will be there for me. And I say that not to discount my many other wonderful, close friends, but there's a longevity and so many shared experiences with Vanessa that make our friendship what it is.
I think that is the point- and beauty- of Firefly Lane. It's the celebration of that unique, unbreakable bond of real, true friendship. It stands the test of time, maybe even the test of betrayal.
I really enjoyed this one, and will be checking out more of Kristin Hannah's work. Recommended for anyone who likes good chick lit, or a good story in general.

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  1. My Goodreads list is overflowing! I am going to add this one, too. I am about halfway through The Help. I am completely engrossed, and wish I could drop everything to finish it. I can't wait to see what happens next.