Monday, January 3, 2011

The Wedding Girl

The Wedding Girl
Madeleine Wickham

The first book of 2011 is also my first book for the Chick Lit Plus Reading challenge. 

In The Wedding Girl, Milly Havill is set to marry Simon Pinnacle.  Just days before the wedding an event from Milly's past comes back to haunt her.  A chance encounter leads to the revelation of secrets from Milly's past. As Milly deals with the repercussions, her friends and family are each forced to confront their own secrets and lives to discover the truth of who they are.

I first read Madeleine Wickham a few years ago. I like Brit Chick Lit, and came across one of her books that I enjoyed.  I was surprised to learn Madeleine Wickham is actually Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic series of books.

Frankly, I much prefer the books written under the Wickham nom de plume to the books she writes as Kinsella.  I find myself more easily able to identify with the heroines and their situations.  The plot lines are more complex, the situations more relatable.

There were a lot of surprises in The Wedding Girl.  I love that most characters are not quite who they seem to be.   Everyone has some kind of secret, wears some kind of mask, plays a role.  Everyone has to consider who they really are, what will really make them happy.  And that is a risk, because sometimes the people we care about the most can't see past our facade to really know the truth of who we are.

The Wedding Girl was a quick, fun read that I enjoyed the whole way through.