Monday, September 13, 2010

I Am Not Superwoman... or Am I?

Book 46: I Am Not Superwoman
Further Essays on Happier Living
Michele Woodward

Back in June, I read Michele's first book.  I didn't intend to review an author more than once in the blog this year, at least not in close succession, but sometimes life intervenes and here I am, finding myself doing exactly that.

In the interest of full disclosure, Michele sent me this autographed copy of her book, for which I am grateful.  If I had hated it, I would have found a reason to not write about it.  So what I'm saying here is truly what I think, but I can't have y'all thinking I'll say nice things just because someone gives me a book.

With that out of the way, I'll tell you why I am a content reader.  When you're in the right headspace, I think things happen because you need them or are ready for them. This has been a huge year of change for me on a personal level (more on that another day) and one of the things that I did was start reading more from life coaches and people who appear to have it all figured out.  I learned that they tend to come at you with a good dose of common sense.  

In Superwoman, Woodward uses her trademark conversational yet funny style to give people- primarily women- the tools to get past the constant pressure to be perfect and instead, be happy.  No, she doesn't have a spell, or a fairy godmother, or a detailed instruction list telling us exactly how to get from feeling the pressure to be superwoman to embracing being just us, but happy.

Instead, she gives readers the tools identify what's not working and suggestions around ways to change whatever it is that is blocking us. Sometimes the things we have to look at are a bit uncomfortable. Like figuring out what makes us feel stuck, or why we feel afraid of change, or why it's important that we know how to manage our money.  The point is, she gets readers thinking about things. Often from a new or different perspective, which has the power to change one's whole perception of life and its possibilities.

Most importantly, she talks about her own need to ask for help sometimes, and her own uncertainties.  Like when she needed help decluttering an area of her house, and brought in a professional to assist.  She talks about examining the "why" that is the reason we do anything.  Making sure it is the right "why's" owning us. All this without being condescending, dismissive, or judgmental.

The essays are the perfect length to read when you just a have a few minutes, or when you need some quick motivation or inspiration.  And yes, this book has Superwoman in the title and is geared toward women. But there's plenty in it for the guys, too.

After this year, and this reading, I've adopted a new definition of  Superwoman: It's being me, being authentic; making deliberate choices for the right reasons, and not being afraid to go after my bliss.

You can get your own copy of I Am Not Superwoman here:

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