Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Vampire Lore

Book 43: Insatiable
Meg Cabot

I always enjoy Meg Cabot.  Her reads are fun.  Insatiable is no exception.  Cabot capitalizes on what I think is the crest of vampire fatigue.  They are everywhere these days: hovering outside our windows in the delectably creepy "Let the Right One In"; Sexing up our Sunday nights on True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels in which the Bon Temps undead originated; and in the seemingly indefatigable Twilight series, with its sparkling, "vegan" vampires. 

Insatiable brings back the best of the vampire stories.  With a deliberate shout out to Mr. Stoker, Cabot's heroine is Meena Harper, your typical lovelorn divorced New Yorker, stuck in a frustrating job and a generally mundane life. Except for one small thing. Meena can tell when you're going to die. Which some people might appreciate knowing, but it just makes Meena feel like a freak. As a heroine, she's likable.  Enough like all of us (save the whole knowing when people will die thing) that we cheer for her and want her to be happy. We know something is about to happen to upset the boredom of her every day life. Queue the crazy neighbors just aching to set up Meena with some eligible bachelor.  And enter the vampire, the true Prince of Darkness, Lucien Antonescu, who is suddenly captivated with Meena.  With shades of Buffy- and by that, I mean the action, the dialogue, and the humor- we also have the vampire fighters of the Palatine Guard, who are on a mission to eradicate the undead. The story all comes together over a few days in New York City against the backdrop of murders and a quest to overthrow the Vampire King.

This became my "let me read a chapter or two before bed" novel over the last few weeks.  It completely entertained me and Cabot's settings let me see the entire novel unfolding in my mind.  Not every book is supposed to make you think deep thoughts.  And that is in no way a criticism.  Some books are supposed to entertain and thrill you, make you laugh, transport you from the triviality of every day. This is one that does that very well.  And if you're like me, a bit over vampires being everywhere these days, this book is the perfect remedy.

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