Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Progress Now: Book 23

Technically, Book 23 is in progress. I say technically because I've decided what book 23 will be, but in parallel, I am reading three (I think? maybe four?) other books that I think eventually will make it in here but I'm not sure.  For example, I'm reading Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads because I wanted some new quick and easy meal and snack ideas. But I'm not sure I want to count that as a book that I blog about.

I'm also reading Misquoting Jesus, which is very interesting, but I am reading that at night, usually, right before bed, a few pages at a time. At this pace, it might be a while before I finish it.

I'm reading a really interesting one called The Seance that I am loving.  Except, like all good gothic horrors, it is creepy.  In a good way, yes, but not so good if it gives me weird dreams or makes me wonder if I really did hear something downstairs when the house should be asleep. In other words, I have to be careful when I read that one so that it doesn't mess with my head when I'm trying to sleep.  
The other book in progress is an academic look at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I'm also reading that piecemeal, but I want to read Deathly Hallows again before Part 1 of the movie comes out in November.   I likely will blog on that, but I don't want this to turn into the Harry Potter Book Blog. There are already web sites for that.

I'm also not going to blog on the Project Management Book of Knowledge, which I am using to prepare for the PMP exam this summer.   No one wants to read thoughts on that. Trust me.

So, I may just create a list of the "Other Titles Finished" that I read throughout the year, so I can truly see how many books I am able to get through.

Book 23 is a biography of Mark Twain. It is over 700 pages, so it will take a bit of time to read.  I've recently become fascinated with Mr. Twain as he's been referenced in other things that I've read. It made me curious.  And I think that is the differentiator with what makes it into the blog.  It is the books that I can't read just a few pages of at night before I go to bed.  It is the books I carry around with me for when I have a few minutes to spare. Books that either take me into another world or make me go, Wow! I really didn't know that and I want to know more.  And that's why I'm doing this.

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